Meet the Companies that Will be at CCC 2017!

Attune Medical has developed a patented, disposable medical device enabling cost-effective patient temperature control to save lives and reduce costs. Attune is led by an experienced team bringing expertise from multiple successful medical device companies from start-up to acquisitions ranging up to $255M (9x sales) in the temperature management space. Attune has secured FDA clearance and is generating US sales at 90% gross margin.
Carbon Entertainment is a broadcast production company for esports or competitive video gaming. We empower developers and publishers by bring world-class production and event administration capabilities in a private-label package. By working closely with our partners and clients, we produce services that are truly tailored to each game’s specific brand and needs. This can range anywhere from live shoutcasting and game analysis to building custom technologies for a tournament administration backbone. Our content has been some of the most viewed on platforms like and even airs on Disney’s TV channels.
Cheddar Up is reinventing the way organizers and direct sellers collect payments and information. Its user-friendly platform allows them to seamlessly move online and save time. With hundreds of thousands of users across North America and a growing number of strategic partnerships, Cheddar Up is the turnkey collecting platform that organizers have been waiting for.
cliexa has launched 3 disease tracking platforms for Rheumatoid Arthritis, cliexa-IBD for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and cliexa-COPD for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. cliexa has received 513g clearance from FDA for its Disease Management Algorithms and Evidence-Based Data Indexing Model (Patent-Pending since 2015) which uses predictive analytics to generate cost savings for providers with alternative treatment models. In November 2016, cliexa partnered with Colorado Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Permanente Rheumatology Rock Creek Clinic and started a pilot with rheumatology patients. After partnering with Ted Pincus, MD, rheumatologist, researcher and inventor of Rapid 3 and MDHAQ scoring models, cliexa also started a pilot with Colorado Arthritis Clinic with digitized forms in clinics.
Futsolo – creators of the most effective soccer training device on earth – combine relevant content with innovative products that empower youth soccer players to reach their full potential without depending on anyone else.
OverwatchID is solving the Identity Security crisis that is impacting business customers across the globe. The threat is caused by Privileged User credentials being compromised and this breach vector is the cause of >90% of major data breaches.
Tejon Technologies: Founded by one of the top data architects in the world, Tejon Technologies is challenging the growing problem of Shadow IT in enterprises. Their product TejonBT (Business Technology) is a no-code platform for rapid & flexible data application creation. Data applications include CRM’s, workflow systems, inventory systems, and custom databases. TejonBT combines graph, machine learning, workflow, and business intelligence into the database for greater efficiency, customization, and ease of use for developers, citizen developers, business pros, data architects, business analysts, and regular joes.
Teltoo is a software only solution controlled by infrastructure operators that optimizes the distribution of online video streams especially at the highest audience peak.
Vortic Watch Company is a small batch, custom, watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our focus and belief system revolves around revitalizing manufacturing in the United States by combining traditional and cutting edge technology to create unique, quality, functional products with exceptional value.

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Status as a Rockies Venture Club Company. Rockies Venture Club Companies are offered help creating and maintaining relationships with interested investors:

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  • The RVC can schedule a deep dive meeting for your company if you attract attention of RVC investors. This is a meeting where you meet directly with interested investors with the goal of getting solid commitments to investment.