The Colorado Capital Conference is an Exciting Way to Become Involved with Angel Investing.

What is an Angel Investor?

RVC Angel Investors

Angel Investors are “Accredited Investors” (individuals with a net worth exceeding $1million or with an annual income greater than $200,000 for the past two years with the expectation that it would continue at that rate.)  Angels invest small amounts in Early Stage Growth Companies.   These are companies that typically have their product or a beta version ready for market and may have initial revenues coming in.   Angel investments allow entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses to new markets, to continue to improve their products, to create new jobs by hiring staff and to create potential profits for Angels by working towards a profitable exit strategy, usually within three to five years.

RVC Angels include super-Angels who have done many deals, starter Angels who have only done one or two deals and also individuals who have never done an Angel deal and just want to sit on the sidelines to watch and learn what Angel investing is all about.   We welcome all of the above types of Angels to come and participate!   The RVC Angel groups are professionally facilitated by the Rockies Venture Club, a Colorado non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate economic development in the state by connecting Angel Investors with tomorrow’s most promising entrepreneurs.

The Colorado Capital Conference is one of our two major recruiting events for the Angel forums, so this is a great time to join with a new group!

Here’s Why You Should Attend

1)  It’s free!  The Angel Investor Forum meetings are all free, though the Colorado Capital Conference and other pitch events do have entry fees associated.  You do not need to attend the fee based events in order to attend the investor forums.   If you are attending the Colorado Capital Conference, please sign up separately for the investor forum following the event!
2)  It’s fun – the people are great and the sense of community is  reassuring.  We’re definitely not intimidating.
3)  There’s no commitment – no requirements to invest or commit.  You can just watch until you’re comfortable with investing.
4) It’s educational:  we will cover the key topics in Angel Investing and will have great guest speakers from around the state to share best practices with us.   Additionally, watching pitches from leading edge companies gives you the opportunity to learn how these companies are solving problems and creating opportunities.
5)  See the “inside track”.  Participate in discussions about the presenting entrepreneurs and which companies present the best investment opportunities.
6) Share in due diligence and syndication.  Everyone in the group has different expertise.  Since we look at a wide variety of types of companies, it’s great to get input from everyone so that as a group we can make smart investment decisions.
7)  If you have a traditional portfolio, this is your chance to carve out a small portion for “alternative investments”.  We look at all kinds of companies ranging from technology to life science and medical to consumer products and social enterprises.   According to the Kaufman Foundation, the average Angel portfolio returns The study’s  2.6 times the invested capital in 3.5 years from investment to exit.
8) It’s convenient.  You can watch the monthly pitches and attend Angel group meetings in Boulder or Denver and we even have a group for Women Investors!
9)  Rockies Venture Club has the best deal-flow in the state.  We present you with 100 companies every year.  These companies are highly vetted and are trained to present the information in an easy to understand format with all the information Angel Investors need.
10) RVC Investors are helping Colorado’s Economic Development by investing in the companies that are creating tomorrow’s jobs.  Many investors consider their investments to be philanthropic and profitable at the same time.  Consider joining RVC Investor Groups and “do well by doing good.”