Meet the Companies Pitching at CCC 2015!

AQ BioMed Logo AQ BioMed, LLC is a privately held biomedical device company located in Boulder, CO. AQ Medical has made new discoveries about how cells respond to chemical interactions and physical forces caused by biomedical implants. Using this knowledge they developed the AQ BioMed implant, the Oculieve shunt, which is used to prevent blindness due to over-pressurization. The AQ BioMed implant has entered into the $3B glaucoma shunt market, has over 15 years of R&D and is protected by 6 patents.
benchmark_website_2 Benchmark Intelligence – Is a location analytics platform for retail chains that reveals why certain locations make more money than others. Benchmark discovers the operational factors (customer service, product quality, cleanliness, etc.) and environmental factors (weather, demographics, traffic, etc.) that affect unit performance. Benchmark then surface actionable insights to the operations team to help them improve financial performance.
double helix Double Helix LLC – Builds next generation precision 3D imaging tools. Our initial product, the SpindleTM, advances molecular imaging capabilities used in biotech/pharma drug development for enhanced interpretation and diagnosis of drug efficacy to the single molecule level. Designed as a modular add-on to installed based microscopes, it is priced at 1/8 an alternative super-resolution system. The company holds 3 issued patents with 4 pending.
kalotsuperfoodmini Kalot Superfood – is the fastest growing nut and seed butter company in the country and currently sell their almond butter and sunflower seed butter in over 1,000 retail locations nationwide. Customers include Whole Foods, Kroger, Sprouts, Hy-Vee, The Fresh Market, Vitamin Cottage, among others. Their mission is to provide ideal nutrition in easy to use formats to help their customers lead more fulfilling and healthier lives.
sulas Sulas Industries Inc. – has developed a groundbreaking approach to solar tracking that uses no motors, gears or electronics. Their patented HelioDrive technology uses the power of the sun to actuate a single moving part to follow the sun’s path across the sky. The large hydraulic force generated by the HelioDrive can be used to rotate a collection of solar panels, allowing them to reliably and economically track the sun and increase their energy yield.
logo-white-outline-31 TekDry International – Everyday people all over the world get their phones wet and become disconnected from their family and friends. TekDry’s patented process can safely and quickly dry out and rescue their phone (or tablet, laptop) and its data in 20 minutes. They lease their machines to repair store chains, wireless carriers, and insurance companies. Their service is more effective and less costly than insurance, traditional repairs, or buying a new device.
termscout TermScout – is a sales enablement company that provides actionable, accurate, and timely buying signals and data for B2B sales and marketing teams. TermScout is intensely focused on sourcing immense quantities of data, putting it through their proprietary refinement process and providing valuable sales intelligence for their customers.
Yooshu Logo final Yooshu LLC – makes and sells customized flip-flops with an impression of the customer’s footprint on the top and customer selected graphic art on the bottom. Created in approximately 10 minutes at retailers and select events. Yooshu is retail theatre as your flip-flops are created behind glass before your eyes. Yooshu is exactly what current customers are searching for, a personalized product and an interactive experience.