Meet the Companies that will be at CCC 2016!



copy-of-ascent360_dark Ascent360 has developed a Saas-based Customer Data Platform (CDP) that helps drive incremental revenue and reduce marketing costs for mid-sized retailers, brands and resorts. Our software helps clients unlock the ROI hidden in their data. This is accomplished through integrating disperate data sources, providing advanced analytics, and simplifying the process to customize marketing messages across multiple channels. We turn big data into insights and income.
boldbettties-logo-stacked-all-red Bold Betties is a technology-enabled women’s adventure platform that takes the intimidation out of outdoor adventure for mainstream women. Their integrated platform combines community, content and commerce to connect women with information, experiences, products and most importantly, each other, for all of their adventure needs.
comsero_png Comsero designs and builds unique products that inspire creativity and cultivate collaboration. Our products live in the real world, and are supported by elegantly crafted software. We currently have revenue from education, corporate and military customers. Our first product to market, mcSquares, is a dry-erase collaboration system with a digital future.
dbmedx_png dBMEDx is a medical device company waging war against health-care acquired infections . We recently launched the BBS RevolutionTM, a next generation bladder scanner that battles both CAUTI and patient-to-patient transmission while delivering the quadruple aim of better outcomes, lower costs, more satisfied patients and more empowered providers. We are seeking growth capital to support our efforts to exit in 3 – 5years. We have FDA clearance, CE mark, 5 patents and we’re generating revenue!
earth-index-logo-final-horizontal Earth Index is a software company helping Oil & Gas Companies & Investors reduce risk for more profitable Exploration & Production (E&P) Decisions. With leading edge decision and data science, we help customers make the most of their data, metrics and team to optimize their portfolio.
geovisual_logo GeoVisual solves the fresh produce farmer’s fundamental problem of balancing crop supply with customer demand in spite of variability in weather, pests, weeds and disease. Our crop forecasts based on aerial imagery and artificial intelligence provide farmers routine reports on crop health and maturity across their fields, helping them detect and mitigate problems in time to prevent losses and to save big by avoiding spot market purchases. The world’s largest fresh producer is taking GeoVisual’s technology into production.
hf_puretag_red-outline_no_tag Happy Food Company: What’s for dinner? By 4pm each day 80% of Americans don’t know what they’re having for dinner. Happy Food Co is a turn-key service that brings meal kits to the mass market through a partner distribution network. Customers can purchase meals on-demand at convenient locations such as grocery stores, workplaces, apartment buildings, and other retail locations (think “Redbox of Food”). Happy Food Co offers balanced, approachable meals for couples and families, and with all ingredients arriving chopped, dinner is on the table in 10 to 30 minutes.
mse Main Street Exchange is a web-based financing platform with a first-to-market automated compliance engine. By helping companies control their financing process in a compliant manner (using diligence management, deal execution and automation of cap tables, records and compliance filings), we save users time and money. Companies raising funds use our service on a package fee basis based on transaction size with subscription fees for post-financing features.
orderly_workmark_flat_2 Orderly Health is the best way to answer your questions about healthcare. We help employers save money and time by directing their employees to lowest cost options for healthcare using a smart text messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. By aggregating multiple data sources and third party services we help users become better consumers healthcare to save time and money while maximizing the value of their benefits with a platform that is engaging and easy to use.
sitter_png Sitter is an app that allows parents to book and pay their own babysitters and find new sitters through friends. Recognized as a top babysitting app nationwide, Sitter is solving an age-old problem in a new, bold way. We’re not just making it easier for parents to find new babysitters by tapping into their trusted network, we’re enabling them to book the sitters they already know more efficiently because we believe that every parent should be able to get a trusted sitter when they need one.
STOW IT is a peer to peer marketplace disrupting the storage and parking industries. Users (Owners) with extra space in their home, garage, outbuilding, land, etc. can make it available for rent. While consumers seeking storage space (Renters) can enter into an agreement to lease the available space on a secure and easy to use mobile platform.