Colorado Capital Conference 2015: Early Exits

The 27th annual Colorado Capital Conference will center around the concept of Early Exits, what they are, their benefits, and what companies are ideally suited for this exciting opportunity.


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The Event Featured:

  • 250 Event Attendees
  • 8 Companies
  • Keynote Speech from thought leader Basil Peters
  • 3 Expert Filled Panels
  • Over 30 Volunteers
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Colorado Capital Conference 2015: Early Exits

CCC-2015-logo_v1AOctober 12-13th 2015






This year’s Colorado Capital Conference will center around the concept of early exits. Early exits are defined as liquidity events that happen within 1-3 years as opposed to usual angel exits that usually happen between 3-5 years.  Rather than batting for home runs every time, angel investors are doing very well, and some would argue that they can do better overall, by hitting consistent singles and doubles.  At this conference 3 panels and a Keynote Speaker will discuss the benefits of pursuing an early exit  strategy, and what characteristics make a company an attractive early exit opportunity.

Meet our Keynote Speaker: Basil Peters

Basil_Peters_Pro productThis year Basil Peters, M&A Advisor, Exit Coach, and Angel Investor will be the keynote speaker at CCC! Basil Peters is the CEO of Strategic Exit Corp and the author of Early Exits – Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors (But Maybe Not Venture Capitalists). Peters is the leading thought leader in his field and believes exits are the best part about being an angel investor!



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