Get ready for Digital Healthcare at the Colorado Capital Conference November 2014

The Colorado Digital Healthcare thesis is a shift from:

  1. Volume-based business models to value-based models
  2. Patient-centric mentality to consumer-focused mentality
  3. Healthcare to health

Learn from the experts about where this dynamic field is going and where the opportunities lie for investors and entrepreneurs alike. We’re looking at the future of healthcare and how today’s digital healthcare companies will create the new world of Health 2.0 with three major trends:

wearablesWearables and the Quantified Self
Wearables and the Quantified Self are bringing more awareness to the individual’s health and consumers will now have:
•  Real Time Monitoring
•  Behavior Reinforcement
•  Proactive Health Awareness



Transparent Consumer Markets
Transparent Consumer Markets offers consumers transparent access to their information like never before. Now, consumers can make informed decisions about their healthcare options and feel confident with their selection.


Smart Care Teams
Smart Care Teams will be providing personalized healthcare using big data and connect across all areas of the healthcare ecosystem. Consumers will receive the care and support they’ve been looking for.


We’re excited about Digital Health because at ALL LEVELS OF INVESTMENT it’s the hottest area in growth now in the United States. From crowdfunding to angel investing to venture capital, to private equity, mergers and acquisitions and IPOS, there’s nothing beating digital healthcare. This is an exciting time for investors to support innovative Colorado companies that are re-inventing a healthcare system that is badly in need of change.

Digital Healthcare